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This is a community for those who love Eileen. Because, I mean, come on. She rocks.

3 doors down, 80's movies, acting, all-american rejects, animals, anxiety, archery, art, baseball, basketball, beauty, biking, bleeding, board games, books, bowling, broadway, butterflies, cameras, candles, cartoons, catholicism, chicago, chocolate, cinematography, classics, clouds, collages, coloring books, colors, comedy, comfort, cookie monster, crank yankers, crying, cuddling, dancing, despondence, dice, disney channel, disney movies, disorders, dogma, dr. seuss, drama, dreams, duckies, ducks, dysthymia, eileen, emily dickenson, europe, ewan mcgregor, eyes, fairies, felix the cat, flowers, food, football, francais, francesca lia block, friends, girl interrupted, golf, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, grease, hair dye, hakuna matattah, hugs, incense, inpatient, italian cuisine, janene garafalow, jay and silent bob, jewlery, karma, knives, kool aid, laughing, learning, linkin park, literature, matchbox 20, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, mystery, naps, new york, night, no doubt, oldies, our lady peace, outpatient, pajamas, panic attacks, panthers, paris, photography, pills, pixies, poetry, polka dots, pool, prague, psychology, puddles, puff paint, queen, rain, rainbows, razors, reading, sarah dessen, scrabble, self harm, self hatred, sesame street, shakespeare, singing in the rain, sleeping, slurpies, smiles, south park, sparkles, splashing, spooning, stargirl, stars, suicide, syracuse, tenacious d, the 60's, the beatles, the chesshire cat, the moon, the muppets, the powerpuff girls, the strokes, theatre, thinking, towlie, van gogh, venice, video games, vintage clothing, weezer, writing