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Try to9 igno9re the nine's.9 So9rry I spil9t so9mething o9n my keybo9ard, and it's to9o9 l9ate to9 go9 get ano9ther.9

I saw Eil9een to9day and everytime I've go9ne to9 see her her dad's been there, so9 I do9n't kno9w ho9w much 'better' she is actual9l9y do9ing.9 But she seemed happier to9day because the Weezer was o9n fro9nt o9f Ro9l9l9ing Sto9ne and her parents go9t her a co9py.9

She hasn't been mo9ved to9 her new residential9 pl9ace yet.9 And that treatment is suppo9st to9 be fo9r three mo9nths.9

If yo9u want I can del9iever gifts and cards o9r whatno9t.9 [[that incl9udes yo9u if yo9u want to9 co9me]]

if i make the security o9n this 'friends' do9es that mean peo9pl9e in this co9mm, who9 aren't o9n my friends li9st can stil9l9 read it?

O(nce again, so9rry abo9ut the nines.9 But there was no9 way I was go9ing to9 del9ete them all9.9
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